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Salt and Pepper

Fading to Gray

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RP account for fissionmailed.

This is Solid Snake (2010) right before he became Old Snake (2014).

It's that salt and pepper stage of his life that was conveniently overlooked which might have been for the best.

In the FissionMailed Nexus, he is a sort of 'general-issue' Snake. He's not tied to anyone other than his normal cannon attractions.

He's not trusting of any of his knows enemies (past bosses) and he is neutral to his future enemies since he doesn't know what they are capable of (yet).

Disclaimer for those who don't 'get it': This Snake is not a nice person. He is in one of his darkest cycles of depression and self-loathing (you know, the part they only mention in passing in the games). If your character hasn't been close to him in some time, expect a fair amount of hate thrown your way. You have to work hard to gain his trust again. If you are unwilling to RP that out, please don't bother tagging him. Also, it would be nice if only the people who understand this character critique him.