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[Character Relations]

If You Think I am Gonna Keep This Up-to-Date With the Rate That I Post
Then, You got Another Thing Coming-

[[Please note that only MGS characters and fan-characters will be listed for now.]]

0ldsnake [Solid Snake A.K.A. Old Snake A.K.A. David] - It's like I can see into the deepest facets of his mind and I get this crazy feeling of Deja Vu-

36_23_34 [EVA A.K.A. Tatyana] - Now this is one hot mama! We talked about eating noodles. I think I am gonna like hanging out with her!

3generations [Otacon A.K.A. Dr. Hal Emmerich] - One of the first Otacons I met. He was pretty nice but he seemed standoffish. I wonder what I did to cause that...

auld_serpent [Solid Snake A.K.A. Old Snake A.K.A. David] - I like this guy. There's something about him that's really...comforting. I can't quite put my finger on it.

aheavysmoker [Nastasha Romanenko] - She was the second person that I met on my first day in the nexus.  This chick is HOT. Oh, Baby- She can ride me any day!

cougar_78 [Big Mama A.K.A. EVA A.K.A. Tatyana] - My mother. The day I met her she tried to get me to guess my age.  No way.  Unlike popular belief, I like living.

crisiscontrol [Solid Snake A.K.A. David] - What a...strange Snake. He tried to hide from me by wearing a lampshade on his head. What the Hell?

dontshootplz [Johnny Sasaki A.K.A. Akiba] - Another inept guard. Eh, he's not so bad. He hasn't given me a reason to shoot him yet.

drquacksays [Para-Medic A.K.A. Dr. Clark] - She is a hot, hot redhead but she's really chatty and extremely nosy...but she's still hot. I think I might have made her mad at me. Hnn.

elisula [Elisa and Ursula] - This chick claims that she can tell fortunes. I think it's just some cold reading mumbo jumbo. The fortune she told me was so broad. I can't imagine how anyone could belive this drivel. She was pretty hot, though. Even hotter when she's upset. Unf.

failsatlove [Otacon A.K.A. Dr. Hal Emmerich] - Another Otacon. He's from the future, though. He seems alright but really lonely.

fault_is_mine [Otacon A.K.A. Dr. Hal Emmerich] - Otacon from my time. He's a real sweetheart. I'd probably be dead if it weren't for him. This Hal has got a lot of spunk and he can take advantage of me any time. We...did some fun stuff in a closet once...twice. I have learned that I shouldn't allow him to pick my clothes for me.

femmesnake [Solid Snake A.K.A. Diana] - What a weird woman. She claims to be a female version of me, but I don't quite buy it. Something unique must have happened to her in her universe to make her that different. She's kinda funny though. I like her.

grow_fat [Fatman] - He saw me naked and then he...got...naked. Hn. Not so bad; his round belly has it's own sort of charm.

hall_patrol [Aleksandr] - Every building has at least one inept guard, right? This man is a pain. He snuck up on me while I was minding my own damn business sleeping so I held him up and took all his gear. I already used all the expendables.

legendarysolid [Solid Snake A.K.A. David] - Snake was the firs person I met in the nexus. He's me but a little younger.

let_mama [EVA A.K.A. Tatyana] - She's got a dirty mouth for such a beautiful woman...

liquidocelot [Ocelot A.K.A. Revolver Ocelot A.K.A. ADAM A.K.A. Adamska] - He...uh. Something about him. It's like he got sexier as he got older. He makes me feel warm in my special places.

myfedorarocks [Dr. William Flemming] - He reminds me of Hal. Maybe it's because he's a scientist or maybe it's because he's so damn skinny. He's really fun to talk to but he could definitely use a few more meals.

saidshewas18 [Meryl Silverburgh A.K.A. 'Hotness'] - Meryl. Ugh. Just...for some crazy reason I didn't think I would see her here. My heart aches just looking at her. She's still the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.

sweetacon [Otacon A.K.A. Dr. Halie Emmerich] - A female Otacon. Well, isn't that something? She's cute. I met her at Otakon and the room forced us into cosplay. Her outfit was pretty sexy but she got mad at me for admiring her in it. We ate a lot of Pocky together. I don't think that she believes that I like her. Oh well- I should be used to rejection by now, anyway.

torsopressure [Raiden A.K.A. Jack] - Haven't seen him in a little while. Funny to find him in the building, too.

totallytanya [Kim at age 14] - She woke me up and demanded I cook her food. Then she tried to act like she was my Mother or something. What a spoiled brat!

whyamisobritish [Liquid Snake] - Ugh. My twin Brother. What a pain in my ass. Of course we got into a fight the first day I met him again in the nexus. Franky, it was predictable so I wasn't really surprised. He did manage annoy me by calling me a 'beast'. That word still rings in my ears.

whyishesoblond [Solid Snake A.K.A. David] - He's trying to grow a mustache for some odd reason. Not sure why, exactly, but I'm sure it will look alright. I still think he's gonna get tired of the upkeep.

xmas_is_here [Solid Snake A.K.A. David] - I think he's a little crazy. I dunno what went down in his universe but he's definitely more...brash than the rest of us. I've seen him wandering the halls nude. Enough said.

zeroequals100 [Big Boss A.K.A. Jack A.K.A. Naked Snake A.K.A. John] - THE Legendary soldier and my Father, the man I was cloned from. It seems so strange to forgive him after all that's come to pass, but it just seemed like the right thing to do. He's really a pretty nice guy. I know where I got my perversions from, though. He commented on being able to see my junk through my jeans. [facepalms] Maybe he was checking me out...nno, that can't be, right?

I think that's everybody; if I forgot anyone, please let me know [and link me to the post in question].
Don't be afraid to nudge me to update this.
I won't bite hard.