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Current Stats - Expect Updates Often

[General Information]
Current Status:

Just peachy.

Codename: Solid Snake
Real name: David
Nickname(s): Dave
Gender: male
Birthday: August 30, 1972
Age: 38 (He appears closer to 48)
Height: about 6ft 2in
Weight: about 155
Hair: wild, mid-length, salt and pepper: dark/sandy blond (appearing brownish) and gray.
Eyes: pale jade green
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Threads: FissionMailed thread tag

Disclaimer for those who don't 'get it': This Snake is not a nice person. He is in one of his darkest cycles of depression and self-loathing (you know, the part they only mention in passing in the games). If your character hasn't been close to him in some time, expect a fair amount of hate thrown your way. You have to work hard to gain his trust again. If you are unwilling to RP that out, please don't bother tagging him. Also, it would be nice if only the people who understand this character critique him.

Likes: Otacon, smoking, drinking, eating, sleeping, guns, sex
Dislikes: being harassed about smoking, long periods of celibacy, going hungry, running out of ammo

[Personality specifically for Fission Mailed]
He's an asshole and a raging pervert. If you annoy him too much you might get shot. Most people can't get a rise out of him, but he's got an affinity for Otacons and Meryls, especially. He's also now in a VERY strange mental place with his Father.

[Fission Mailed arrival data]
Date/Time/Location of Appearance: 2008.11.08. / 12:13pm / the Lobby

Place of Residence: a barrack-like room on the 6th floor that he shares with fault_is_mine.

[Known health issues]
He suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Hypervigilance and a severe case of Avoidant personality disorder.
He has a high level of (Co-)dependency.
On occasion he can be a chain-smoker.
He's just started on the path of accelerated aging.

Favorite color: green
Favorite food:
Favorite fruit: blueberries
Favorite dessert: ice cream
Favorite animal: canines

[Special Abilities]
/* Classified */

[Current Weapons]
1 stun knife
1 SOCOM Mk.23

[Current Items]
1 black coffee mug
2 sets of dog tags
1 bent pack of cigarettes
1 lighter
1 iPod
23 U.S. rations
4 Soviet rations

Anything else you want to know; ask.