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I Can't Do This All on My Own

No, I'm No Superman

[This is an in-character RP-ONLY journal.]
[FM/MGS characters/muns feel free to friend me.]

((ALSO, STAY IN CHARACTER, even if it's AU.))
((I prefer IC posts here. Leave the OOC posts to my personal journal.))

Current Stats - Expect Updates Often

[General Information]
Current Status:

Just peachy.

Codename: Solid Snake
Real name: David
Nickname(s): Dave
Gender: male
Birthday: August 30, 1972
Age: 38 (He appears closer to 48)
Height: about 6ft 2in
Weight: about 155
Hair: wild, mid-length, salt and pepper: dark/sandy blond (appearing brownish) and gray.
Eyes: pale jade green
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Threads: FissionMailed thread tag

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Anything else you want to know; ask.

[Character Relations]

If You Think I am Gonna Keep This Up-to-Date With the Rate That I Post
Then, You got Another Thing Coming-

[[Please note that only MGS characters and fan-characters will be listed for now.]]

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I think that's everybody; if I forgot anyone, please let me know [and link me to the post in question].
Don't be afraid to nudge me to update this.
I won't bite hard.